13 of the Best SOPA’s Protests and Memes

I agree, soooooooooooo pathetic!

Nitrozac and Snaggy from The Joy of Tech made a comic to cover the site during the internet strike. See, there are things to do that aren't on the web!

Miss Celania's own selection.

Google.com blacked-out the Google logo in a way that sustained the site's basic functionality but made their point very, very clear.

TheOatmeal.com's protest: do it for the kittens.

See next the animated GIF:

LOL, Cats don't like SOPA either.

Not Even Hipsters Deserve to Be Censored, by GoCryEmoKid.com.

Wikipedia came late to the party but deserves huge credit for being the largest website brave enough to block access for a full 24 hours.

NOTE: what most people didn't know was that "if you clicked at the "Learn more..." link, you would've been shown A FAQ. There it says that you can continue to use Wikipedia by simply disabling it's Javascript in your browser". (thanks Ilija, A.)

Nedroid's protest.

SOPA vs. Soup, PIPA vs. Pippa

Meanwhile in Prison...