Another 10 Creative Escalator Ads

This great escalator was made for The Simpsons movie. It features everyone's favorite dolt chomping down on donuts at the bottom of the escalator. What did you expect? Homer Simpson eating a veggie burger? This advertising piece was done by Gabriel Russo.

From the top of the stairs, this ad looks so realistic that it could prompt people to rush down so quickly they injure themselves – completely undermining the purpose of the campaign. Created for the Canadian Red Cross, the decal intends to promote the knowledge of first aid with a message reading “Know What to Do”.

In an amazing piece of why-didn't-anyone-think-of-this-before, some tourists in Tel Aviv, Israel, have discovered the Star Wars text crawl-printed on the steps of an escalator.

Two handrails of an escalator look like enormous strings of liquorice that end up in an over-sized Liquorice Fruit Wheel.

JWT designed a campaign for Sushi Roll to inform customers of the store location and to lure hungry shoppers away from the busy food court and into Sushi Roll.

Regular Cola was advertised to people using stairs, and Coke Light to those who chose the escalator, in a promotion to drink Coca Cola at Mc Donald's restaurants.

A huge leg was installed on the escalator creating an illusion that people holding the handrail were running their hands down the smooth leg, demonstrating to the commuters the smooth benefits of Gillette Venus.

To demonstrate DHL's inexplicable ability to deliver on time, regardless of conditions, this outdoor piece dominated MTR escalators across Hong Kong. The areas on either side, and between the escalators, were covered with a giant bird's-eye view of a Hong Kong highway jam-packed with stationary traffic. The moving handrails then acted as a fast lane with a steady flow of little yellow DHL vans racing past.

This cool escalator advertisement of Tata Tax Saving Fund creatively displays the dual benefit of lower taxes and higher returns.

In Gothenburg, Forsman och Bodenfors turned escalators into rolls of film with these strategically placed stickers, to remind people about the ongoing film festival in town.