15 Incredibly Awesome Nail Designs

Don't go trying to board a plane with these nails.

You can't use tools. Typing is going to be hard. And the less said about using the bathroom, the better. Still, you will look gorgeous with nails like these. Amazing work by the artist known as Dzine.

Nailympics 2010

Christine ‘The Duchess' Walton has set a new record for having the world's longest fingernails and she is entered into the 2012 Guinness World Record book, winning, for the Las Vegas resident, the top spot for human fingernail growth. In total, her nails measure a whopping 19ft, 9in long. The nails on her right hand are 9ft, 7in and her left hand boasts fingernails measuring 10ft, 2in. Christine has been growing her nails for 18 years and the effort and inconvenience have finally paid off.

Another work from Nailympics 2010.

Internet fan.

3D floral decor.

By Chris Mosier.

Well, this is not that extreme, but who doesn't love bacon? Not recommended for people with a nail-biting habit.

Mohawk nails designed by Nail-it-baby.