12 Hilarious Videos of People Tripping and Falling

1Catwalk fall

What's better than one model falling on the catwalk? Seeing 3 models falling at the same event. Naomi Campbell's charity fashion show in Cannes doesn't go exactly to plan for some of the models.

2Pole dance fall

After buying a new pole, she sets up the pole in her spare room and decides to give it a whirl. She's a little unsure of the strength of the pole, but decides to test it out with the encouragement of the cameraman. She eventually finds out how strong the pole is. Pole dancing girl takes a tumble with the pole. Comes crashing down hard, and almost smashes her laptop.

3Political fall

John Howard, the ex - prime minister of Australia has a moment of unbalance and trips, falling over. Just 2 days before his 68th birthday, on his way to a radio interview, perhaps this was an indicator of what was to come in the 2007 elections.

4Royal Guard fall

Policeman trips during the Royal Wedding and then makes fun of himself.

5Bowling fall

Because bowling is only for pros.

6Diving fall

Try watching this video and not laughing.

7Webcam fall

Whatever she had planned to do, this was way funnier.

8Grape stomping fall

As seen on time magazine dot com this is known as one of the funniest videos in internet video history. Watch as a news reporter falls off the stage during a quick grape stomping contest. She is now infamously called the grape lady. So sit back and watch the grape lady fall!

9Treadmill fall

A man loses it in front of everybody. Level 10 treadmill accident = 24 seconds of Epic Fail!

10Graduation fall

This guy trips and falls in his own graduation.

11Baby fall

Baby does Flip

12'Drunk and driving' fall

Baby fails breathalyzer test.