10 Coolest “They Live” Displays

German artist Timm Schneider describes his project "They Live" as an "experimental thing-ressurection in the urban environment." Whatever it is, we think it's pretty cute and clever.

1Trash Can

Cookie Monster?

2Metal Post

"Please don't pee on me... please don't pee on me...."

3Garbage Can

Is this located on Sesame Street?

4Ticket Validator

Hungry for your change!

5Coffee Cup

"You gonna eat the rest of that donut?"

6Fruit Stand

Orange you glad to see me?

7Train Trash Can Box

Paper towels are his favorite food.


"Do I have something on my chin?"

9Mail Slot

So happy to see us.

10Recycling Bins

They look like big green gumballs with eyes, which makes them pretty adorable in our book.