10 Hilarious Siri Responses

When Apple introduced the iPhone 4s, consumers fell in love with the virtual assistant feature called Siri. It didn't take long for people to start asking Siri wildly inappropriate questions and laughing at "her" robotic responses. The following pictures are all courtesy of Siri Funny, a blog devoted to highlighting some of the funniest Siri answers ever!

1Why does my poop stink so bad?

You know your gas is bad when it even grosses out your electronic devices.

2Do you take it in the bum?

Anything's possible! Siri won't rule anything out.

3Beam me up, Siri

What she doesn't say is where you will end up after she beams you....

4No need for profanity

Just what we need -- a phone that scolds us for our bad language!

5Do you pick your nose?

If she had a nose, we bet she'd pick it.

6Remind me to poop

We've never forgotten to poop, but one cannot be too careful.

7What do boobs look like?

Here are some strip clubs near you -- go see for yourself, kid!

8You're beautiful

We're pretty sure that Siri is blushing.

9You must think you're hot stuff

Siri handles abuse better than most employees.

10Is it mean that my boyfriend is going to Arizona?

Wow, that's deep!