12 Coolest Pimped Cubicles

DeviantART member deezoid felt a little cramped in his office cubicle, but knew just how to improve it. Now it's a TARDIS!

This Tetra-Shed is designed to give an office worker a definite space of their own with a wooden tent-like structure. It is designed by David Ajasa-Adekunle, and it reminds me of those blanket-tents that we used to make as kids. The entire thing can be closed up for privacy, which includes the doors as well as the windows.

Hardcore cubicle wrappings will leave no object uncovered.

One of the most extravagant cubicle redesigns ever greeted a worker by the name of Mark on his return to the office. The attention to detail is commendable, highlights including a working sink and a toilet paper holder.

Workspaces from The Balcom Agency, a full-service Advertising & Public Relations agency in Fort Worth, TX.

In Texas, companies like Mouser Electronics are encouraged to go all-out with their office cubicle holiday flair. Mouser, in particular, is tough to beat – their cubicles are brought together by one toy railroad track with a working train.

The train “actually makes sound and blows smoke,” says Sheryl Gaines, credit manager at Mouser. The railroad track runs across desks, connecting cubicles and curving around computer keyboards. The snow is made from cotton; small ponds are formed from blue Saran Wrap, and the little houses and figurines are part of someone's personal holiday collection. Tunnels for the train — well, sheets of black paper made to look like tunnel entrances — were added at the last minute, Gaines says.

Dulcia MacPherson's Zombie cubicle.

Ah, if we could all own cots for that snooze-worthy conference call. Inspired by George Costanza, the Nap Cube is perfect after an all-night coding session. Redundant alarm clocks wake you before the boss arrives, and a cereal dispenser provides Fruit Loops. Bunny slippers not included.

Mario Bro's cubicle.

Because everyone dreams of working in a pirate ship or a treehouse, product development firm Davison shows that a creative workspace can go well beyond the brightly colored cubicle walls that your boss thinks are so hot.

Guy transforms his coworker's cubicle into a Princess Bathroom. The merry prankster behind this April Fool's epicness is Jon Sanderson.