10 Unexpected Optical Illusions in Photos

Nervous drivers (and their equally nervous passengers) beware! You should really prepare yourselves for the sight of Storseisundet Bridge in Norway. The road connection from the mainland Romsdal peninsula to the island of Averøya in Møre og Romsdal county doesn't look as if it actually connects as you drive towards it. In fact it looks very much as if you are in for an icy bath as you plummet off its 73ft height. However, you will be relieved to hear that this is simply something of an optical illusion. The bridge is built in such a way that from a certain angle, as you approach, it looks as it is more diving board than bridge. Known locally as the drunk bridge it forms part of the Atlanterhavsveien or Atlantic Ocean Road in English and attracts many curious visitors.

This woman appears to be floating above the sand, Star Wars skiff style, an optical illusion caused by the shadow of a flag.

The moon is a disco-ball.

Electric kitten.

Smiling face.

Elephant loading.

You'd think the fact that this camel appears to be eating a female vet would be weird enough for this picture. But apparently, according to the agency who supplied this image, it shows the animal ‘getting ready for a pedicure' in the United Arab Emirates.

This weird picture actually comes from a photo competition to mark the World Veterinary Year, used to highlight the important role vets play in the lives of people and animals across the world. It's actually an optical illusion – the vet's head is merely hidden behind the camel's cranium. The vet being eaten by a camel came top of the 2,500 global entries, and we can see why.

This tent looks as though it has been pitched in the sky in a photograph that plays tricks on the eyes. Student Bjarke Bitsch pitched his tent so high up Mont Blanc - the highest mountain in the French Alps - that snow and clouds blended together in this shot. The 24-year-old from Aarhus in Denmark took the stunning photo during a three day-expedition to climb the peak in Chamonix, France. The image was captured near the summit, at a spot called Aiguille du Gouter, which has an altitude of 12,800 feet.

Gazing sleepily into each other's eyes, it looks like the perfect friendship between boy and beast. There is, however, one barrier Harvey Evans, nine, and Kelabu the Sumatran Tiger have yet to break down.... an invisible pane of glass keeping them apart. Although Harvey appears to have got so close that he can pat the fearsome cat on the head, it is in fact an optical illusion created by a camera and a strategically placed hand.