12 Craziest Love Hotels

You can choose to be locked in this thing.. whatever it is!

The kinky side of Hello Kitty. If you thought the Hello Kitty vibrators sounded fun, maybe you should try the Hello Kitty S&M room.

This room reminds me of a terror B movie.

Sex on a merry-go-round? Check.

A recent book, Love Hotels: The Hidden Fantasy Rooms of Japan, features remarkable pictures by Misty Keasler of 70 "intensely themed rooms of the Japanese love hotel."

Subway car themed room.

Trapped in a cage.

Black widow seduction fantasy? Yes, there is a room for you too.

In the city of Beppu in Japan's ?ita Prefecture, you can visit Hotel Jzauruss, a love hotel modeled on Jurassic Park. Finally, a place that can accommodate all of your Dennis Nedry roleplaying fantasies.

Pirates of the Caribbean (Don Q Inn in Dodgeville, Wisconsin).

I´ll make you see the stars!

“Northern Lights” room (Don Q Inn in Dodgeville, Wisconsin).

Batman cave.