12 Creative Pepper Mills

1Peppermeister Pepper Grinder

The perfect combination: beer + pepper ($19.99). This brew-tasticly unique pepper grinder features a stainless steel grinding mechanisms to serve up a bit of pepper for any entree that needs a dash... all the while looking sophisticated and cool in its genuine Beachwood bottle.

2 Ah Choo Pepper Mill

Spice up your table with the Ah Choo Pepper Mill, the pepper grinder shaped like a nose. Put a little nose pepper on your food to give it that little kick of heat and flavor you're craving.

3Baseball Bat Pepper Mill

This Baseball Bat Pepper Mill ($30.95) will be a hit at your next barbecue. Score some points with Dad, a friend, or any baseball fan by giving them this perfect gift.

4 Tiki Pepper Grinder

This Tiki pepper grinder ($11.40) stands eight inches tall. Press his nose to grind and dispense pepper.

5Babushka Pepper Mill

Spice up your table with this adorable Babushka pepper mill ($31.10) that looks like a traditional Russian nesting doll. Turn head to grind and dispense pepper.

6G'Rabbit Jr. Magnetic Pepper Grinder

A rare earth magnet on the backside of the G'Rabbit Jr ($9.99)
allows the grinder to attach to any metal surface offering a creative storage solution.

7Left Hand Pepper Mill

The HomeToolz Left Hand Pepper Mill ($59.95) is a conversation piece, attractive serveware, and high-quality spice grinder, all in one. Whether used every day or set aside for special occasions, it is sure to be a hit as a part of any table setting.

8 Max and Chef Pepper Mills

Funny ceramic pepper mills.

9 Rubik's Pepper Mill

It might have brought you years of frustration as a child, but as a grown-up you can now use the power of the Rubiks Cube ($11.59) for good. Or at least good taste. This pepper mill are made to look like the iconic twisting puzzle cubes from the 80's, but instead of messing up the colored grid pattern, the twisting motion is actually used to grind pepper.

10Wooden Puzzle Pepper Mill

The cool new Wooden Puzzle Pepper Mill is what you get when you mix the game of Jenga with a traditional pepper mill. This wooden peppermill may look ordinary enough at first, but it has 11 movable blocks that can be freely manipulated and twisted 360 degrees. To grind the pepper, simply turn the top block. A unique and stylish, um, twist on the boring old pepper mill.

11Star Wars R2-D2 Pepper Mill

This fun R2-D2 Pepper Mill ($19.99) bottle can be filled pepper powder. You can practically see R2-D2 swaying back and forth eagerly awaiting you spread on your favorite dishes.

12Peppino Pepper Mill

This creature will happily grind the pepper for your favorite salad, or any other pepper needs you may have. He's not picky..... he just wants to grind some pepper!