12 Funniest Car Hood Ornaments

“Crocodile” Barbie, spotted as a hood ornament in Hyde Park. Keepin' Austin Weird!

Chrome woman sitting atop a Cadillac, how cool is that?

Bridal hood ornament.

Let no one forget I'm riding a Mercedes.

You are probably wondering whether this guy actually drove around like this. The doll appears strapped on, so I am guessing he did.

According to our reader Petr, "this photo is from a bride's car (that is a car, in which the bride is taken to the ceremony) at the wedding from Slovak Republic, obviously meant to be hilarious/funny (well and let's not talk about the taste...:-) ".

Potato Pig hood ornament.

Bizarre Hood ornament on a chev 3800 panel.

Shorpy hood ornament.

Pontiac Chief.

Stormtrooper on a Buick, what a strange combination.

Power Ranger ornament.

Patriotic gun hood.