12 Awesome Hot-air Balloons

A hot-air balloon made to look like a house being carried by thousands of helium balloons, based on the animated movie ‘Up,' was seen at a world gathering of hot air balloons on the former NATO air base of Chambley, France.

Benoit Lambert -- member of the Belgian 501st Legion Fan Wars Garrison -- takes over the skies in his amazing Darth Vader hot air balloon.

A funny green monster hot-air balloon.

The Shrek balloon makes its way through Times Square during the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York Nov. 27, 2008.

A hot air balloon, shaped and sized to resemble the Space Shuttle, drifts over Ottawa.

A Mike Wazowski hot-air balloon from Monsters, Inc.

A giant cake during the hot-air balloon festival in Chambley, France.

Amazing Nescafe mug hot air Balloon.

A Rugrats Balloon during the Thanksgiving Day Parade, in New York City.

First battery powered hot-air balloons? In this case we hope they don't run out of batteries.

A large beer mug in Chumbley, France. Pitifully is not full of real beer.

Arthur Balloon in the Thanksgiving Day Parade, in New York City.