10 Creative Things Made From Egg Cartons

1Egg Carton House

Stacking up hundreds of reused egg cartons like Lego blocks, Australia-based studio Goldenhen built a life-sized home called "The Original Dream". Considered the first "Eggo" installation exhibition, the egg carton home was modeled after Howard Arkley's well-known painting, Family Home: Suburban Exterior 1993, which is considered the Australian dream of suburban living. Goldenhen reimagined the dream home using recycled and colored egg cartons and egg trays that bring a whole new meaning to the catch phrase, "Leggo my Eggo."

2 EggCubism: The Art of Recycling Old Egg Cartons

With his egg cubism — paintings drawn on recycled egg cartons — Dutch artist Enno de Kroon forces his viewers to change their perspective, with stunning results.

3Egg Carton Lamp

It was originally created by Federico Otero. With the proper lighting and camera, you can make any DIY project appear chic. In this case though, the simple coloring and interesting texture would make it unique.

4Egg Carton Table

Atema Architecture's “Auto-Cannabilistic Table” is made out of egg cartons, flour paste, soil, and seeds. When water is added, the seeds germinate and the table literally eats itself.

5 Egg Carton Camera

Take a picture with this amazing and creative camera made from egg-carton and a water bottle.

6Flower Lights from Recycled Egg Cartons

This is an amazing repurposing craft! What a creative way to repurpose egg cartons and make something lovely for your bedroom or to drape in your kid's room for some twinkly fairy lights.


Handmade by artist Inna Alesina, from 100 percent recycled paper pulp egg cartons and colored with water-based fabric dye. The design is clever in that you can lay flat and it stays static, however tip it on its side and it can be a rocking ottoman.

8Space Invader Egg Carton Cup Costume

Invade the earth on a budget in this easy to make Space Invader costume. All it takes is some paper cups, egg cartons and a cookie press ray gun.

9Egg Carton Couch

An egg carton retaining wall around a tree can create a uniform look to a yard, enhance curb appeal and add depth and interest to a landscape.


Even though it is possible to recreate this couch using egg cartons, it will be very difficult to have a seat without cracking them!