12 Craziest Eyeshadows

Katie Alves recreates movie scenes on the eyelids of models, such as the above presentation of The Nightmare before Christmas.

Hello Kitty eyeshades.

Animal print sticker eyeshadow.

Peacock eye make-up.

Angry lady.

From the mind of industrial designer Lulin Ding, the concept of this bizarre Cyborg LED eyeshadow consists of a system of wires connected to an LED bulb that bathes the eyelid in light, essentially “painting” it with color. The effect is admittedly kind of cool, if you're in a Sci-Fi movie, but the device looks painful, irritating and unsafe. The makeup system is made up of very thin wires that are insulated and held within wire frame. Using a LilyPad Arduino or flat-pad microcontroller as balancing weight, the wires stay suspended in place in the vicinity of the eye.

Manga make-up.

Leona Lewis goes for extreme make-up with this accessory eyeshadow.

Alice in Wonderland Eyes by Katie Alves.

Couture eyeshadows.

Zipper eyeshadow.