10 of the Most Disgusting Items You Can Actually Buy From Amazon

1Party Pooper Fake Human Poop

The most realistic looking fake human poop ($14.99) on the market. Place this on the floor in the bathroom or on a toilet seat and watch the laughs and screams happen. Very funny item!!

2One-Pound Fat Replica

This grossly dramatic Life/Form replica of one pound of human fat ($33.99) is a shocking but strongly motivating attention-getter. It dramatically visualizes the important and motivating fact that "every extra pound of fat requires an additional mile of blood vessels."

3Crazy Cat Lady

Mmmm....smells like Cat Lady! Cat food Scented Soap ($5.25). Cats will love you! Bathing with this pungent soap will ensure that you are constantly in the company of cats. Perfect for crazy cat ladies and other feline enthusiasts! Each pink bar comes in a fancy tin box, and makes a great gift for the cat lover in your life.

4Dirty Mug

This Dirty Mug ($14.90) will make sure no one steals your mug ever again! Adorned with disgusting lipstick stains and coffee drippings, this dirty mug looks downright nasty. Makes an awesome prank gift and a clean freak's worst nightmare.

5Blood Bath Shower Gel

The blood transfusion ($8.59) pouch is filled with red shower gel and can be hung up in your shower for maximum effect. Smelling like a cross between Dr. Pepper and Cherry Coke, this Blood Bath Shower Gel makes a bloody good Birthday gift or stocking filler.

6Cherry-Filled Bleeding Gumball Eye

These gumball eyes ($7.63) are filled with liquid cherry candy for great taste and the ultimate gross-out! Cherry-filled eyes ooze "blood" when you chew.

7 Toilet Mug

This silly toilet-shaped mug ($13.99) holds up to 12-ounce of your favorite hot beverage and will make your co-workers do a double take. The hand painted Toilet Mug makes a great gag gift for any coffee or tea lover.

8Bloody Brain Meat

Realistic bloody brain ($15.99) sure to gross out your friends. Wrapped up like it's fresh from the grocery store complete with meat market label. Created by a truly sick mind.

9Cockroach Wall Decal

Scare all your guest with this fantastic Cockroach Wall Decal

10Bloody Hands Shower Curtain

You want a Horror Movie Shower Curtain & Bath Mat ($19.95) so that your mom will just shake her head and wonder what she did wrong when she sees them on her next visit. And if she doesn't - if she doesn't think anything is wrong and just goes to clean up the “blood” - well, then that's really scary.