10 Amazing Ultrasound Photos

For new parents, seeing their baby on an ultrasound can be a very exciting occasion. For these parents, the ultrasound experience was even more interesting because their fetuses decided to put on a show!

1Jacko In Utero?

In 2009, parents Dawn Kelley and William Hickman were astounded when a 24-week scan of their unborn daughter looked strikingly like a certain King of Pop. Thankfully, the baby was born looking more like them than like Michael Jackson.

2Thumbs Up

After their first ultrasound showed an anomaly with their baby's skull, Donna and Simon Biscoe spent a scary two weeks waiting for a follow-up scan, only to be rewarded with this image of their baby giving them the "all clear" hand signal. Turns out, the baby was right; he was born perfectly healthy!

3This Womb Rocks!

Jeff and Susan Snow are both musicians, so when their baby threw up Devil Horns during their ultrasound, they weren't all that surprised. No doubt their baby will rock the cradle both in and out of the womb!

4Fetus Christ

Seven months into a difficult pregnancy, British mom Laura Turner and her husband were amazed and ecstatic to see what they say is an image of Jesus Christ watching over their unborn son.


This amazingly clear photo was taken using 3-D technology. This baby is already blowing raspberries!

6Peace, Baby

This ultrasound was taken in December of 2006 and uploaded to Flickr, just in time to become the happy couple's Christmas card.

7Picking a Winner

Sumer Kohler's baby is getting an early start with a dirty little habit: nose picking! Somehow it's cute when a fetus does it....

8Flipping the Bird

This little boy is getting an early start with the teenager attitude! It's almost like he's saying, "I'm sleeping, leave me alone!"

9Smiling Fetus

This 3-D ultrasound shows a 17 week old fetus displaying a very human characteristic: a smile.

10Turtle Power

New mom Amy's husband had only one thing to say about this very early ultrasound which showed her fetus looking a lot like a Mario Brothers turtle, "I think maybe Amy has been playing too much Nintendo."