10 Most Disturbing Home Decoration

1Doll Drawer Pulls

Drawer pulls made of doll body parts! While the drawings look fine enough, the finished project in the flesh is a bit unsettling.

2Anatomical Print

Anatomical print chairs and pillows by AK-LH remind me to exercise proper posture when sitting.

3Stamping on Hitler

Millions of people would love a chance to wipe their feet on Adolf Hitler and now it looks like they could have the chance with this 'Hitler rug'. The work is by Israeli artist Boaz Arad who says he is hoping to show how the Holocaust has scarred Israel, but also been misused by it. He says the rug is a representation of what a Nazi hunter would do if he caught the ultimate prize, the Nazi leader.

4Human Furniture

Apparently the designer Dzmitry Samal takes the term “table legs” quite literally and they're a bit disturbing.

5Baby Face Tile

Imagine a room full of this tile, a little weird.

6 Bleeding Pillar Candles

Made of two-tone wax (white on the outside, red on the inside), these Bleeding Pillar Candles look perfectly normal when sitting atop your coffee table. But light them up and watch as a creepy wax “blood” oozes out the melting candle!

7 Damned Lamp

This lampshade is actually a mass of people-shaped ornaments, twisted and frozen into torturous positions, intended to depict humanity's metaphorical fall from grace. All religious commentary aside, it's a dark, dramatic delight. Design by Lux Merx.

8Morbid Mirror

Every morning feels like a scene from a horror flick with this circular saw-shaped mirror by French company, Domestic.

9Blood Bath Mat

Upon entering the bathroom, give your guests the shock of their lives with our Blood Bath Mat! It's the ultra realistic horror genre piece of homeware!

Gruesome, bloody, and absolutely offensive, the Blood Bath Mat is the perfect partner for our famous Blood Bath Shower Curtain. This terrifying blood stained bath mat, we feel, truly pays tribute to those classic Hitchcock and Hammer horror movies of old.

10Coffee Table Coffin

Worrying that you don't think about death enough in your day-to-day life? Pratt student Charles Constantine is looking to change this and inject a bit of morbidity into the daily routine, with his new design for a coffee table coffin. . Not only can it store books and other knick-knacks like personal mementos, but its ultimate goal is to store YOU – or what remains of you – when you pass on to the next life.