Another 10 Creative Shower Curtains

Soap scum making your tub a crime to enter? Declare your shower officially off limits with this playful police line shower curtain ($15.99). Perfect for teens, college students or anyone who is low on cleaning supplies and heavy on humor!

Turn your bathroom into a pirate theme with Kikkerland's Jolly Roger Shower Curtain ($15.07) . Designed by Thomas Buchheim.

Inspired by the Science Fiction novel 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea ($13.74), enjoy this 20,000 Leagues shower curtain by Kikkerland.

So what's the easiest way to learn and remember something? See it over and over again. And where do you spend a lot of time everyday? In the bathroom! Whether you're brushing your teeth or jumping into the tub you're bound to look at these smart shower curtains ($29.95) and have fun soaking up from cools facts without even trying.

Venice, Italy Shower Curtain ($19.06). Fresh and sophisticated designer shower curtains that incorporate the work of groundbreaking artists.

Be happy with Kikkerland's Smiley Face shower curtain ($16).

Do you know why rain falls from the sky? Or why there is lightning? The weather shower curtain ($29.95) will help you learn the basics of the water cycle and other interesting weather facts while you shower or brush your teeth!