13 Most Awkward Stock Photos

Most people only see stock images that have actually been purchased to illustrate some kind of idea or feeling, but the people who make stock images work to ensure there is an image out there for just about any conceivable notion. As a result, there are a lot of seriously strange stock photos with no apparent use other than humoring people, check out some of the funniest images collected at this hilarious blog called Awkward Stock Photos ( Via Neatorama ).

There's nothing like a relaxing, almost orgasmic experience than spending your evening with a cactus, if I do say so myself.

She's either having too much fun with her cosmetic surgery, or she's a funky mummy.

This is quite different from the gifts my dog leaves for me.

I bet this is not a Kamasutra position.

Sweet dreams.

Stock women models are really crazy.

Frontpage of the most successful "dating for seniors" website.

Totally random arm hanging from the rafters, WTF?