Another 12 Even Weirder Dresses

1Anti-Rape Dress

Certainly admirable for its inventiveness and in terms of practicality. This dress, designed by a Japanese dress maker is designed to allow Japanese women to disguise themselves as vending machines to hide from possible attackers. Unfortunately, it blows in the wind and you can still see the feet… Still though, you've got to admire them for trying.

2Cuts-Of-Meat Dress

The Creme ‘Cuts of Meat' dress shows off what you've got to offer. Giving friends, acquaintances and strangers a quick animal anatomy lesson, this is definitely a statement dress. Your rack, rump and a few other major parts are outlined by this dress.

3Surrealist Dresses

These are Viktor and Rolf Surrealist Gowns, that's what I call haute couture craziness.

4Star Wars Text Crawl Dress

Chenoa, a hairdresser in Vancouver, made a dress that looks like the opening crawl from Episode IV of Star Wars. Her headband reads “A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away….”

5Stuffed Animal Dress

New Orleans-based crafter Miss Malaprop made a dress covered with stuffed animals for the most recent Mardi Gras. She accidentally sewed through her finger with a sewing machine needle while making it, but “Either way, I'm happy with the way it turned out, it was very fun to wear and very SOFT!”

6Illycafe Dress

In 2010, Retailer Barneys New York, had a foodie themed Christmas display. Miss Illy, the mannequin pictured above, wears a gown assembled from recycled Illycafe espresso foil bags and tops off her look with an espresso machine hat. She is definitely the Queen of Caffeine! Barney's creative director, Simon Doonan, used hundreds of crimped and pleated foil bags to create this masterpiece.

7Computer Wire Dress

When you want to show your techy undertones on the outside though, it's probably a lot more socially acceptable to do it with a great computer wire dress like this one, by Tina Sparkles.

8Newspaper Dress

People will recycle anything these days in the name of fashion.

9Skeleton Dress

Quirky rapper Nicki Minaj turned heads in a bizarre dress at the American Music Awards. The Your Love singer wore a bizarre dress by Indian designer Manish Arora to the event at the Los Angeles Nokia Theatre. The coral-coloured dress, from the Spring 2011 collection, featured extravagant gold embellishment. A skeleton-style structure including a ribcage would have made it hard to sit down in.

10Umbrella Dress

Orbit Mist Ad. I bet the slogan wasn't: never wet your panties again!

11Butterfly Dress

Monarch Butterfly Dress by Luly Yang.

12Bubble Dress

This bubble dress by Hussein Chalayn only became famous after Lady Gaga was spotted wearing a knock-off.