12 Delicious Edible Insects

As any good Entomophage (eater of insects) knows, these twelve bugs are more than just pests... they're what's for dinner! In many cases people started eating these insects out of necessity, but these days they've become a delicacy. Read on to discover twelve insects that can be quite tasty.

1Casu Marzu

In Sardinia, Italy, they eat a type of sheep's milk cheese called Casu Marzu that is known to be crawling with insect larvae. This soft cheese has been fermented so long that it has actually begun to decompose, inviting the development of insect larvae that look like tiny translucent worms on the surface of the cheese. Some people remove the larvae before eating the cheese, but others eat it all, maggots and all.

2Oven-Baked Tarantula

A unique Cambodian delicacy, tarantulas were originally consumed only during plagues but have since become standard fare. Tarantulas come pre-baked – simply remove fangs, warm, and enjoy.

Note: According to our astute readers Harold and Holli, tarantulas are actually arachnids, not insects. Still, we wouldn't want to eat one!

3Pregnant Crickets

In the northeast area of Thailand, crickets laden with eggs are considered a tasty snack. These crickets are caught and flash-frozen in the wild then cleaned, cooked, and lightly salted. You can buy a bag of ready-to-eat pregnant crickets for less than $6.00.


In Africa and parts of Indonesia, eating Termites is a way of life. Collected at the start of the rainy season when other sources of protein are scarce, termites are best eaten after being slightly roasted.

5Scorpion Sucker

These harmless California scorpions are encased in a delicious candy coating. According to the listing, scorpions, which are technically arachnids, not insects, are a major food source in many parts of the world.

So sucking on a scorpion lollipop shouldn't gross you out. No, not at all.

6Larvets Worm Snacks

These crunchy worms are baked and come in a variety of flavors including BBQ, Cheddar Cheese, and Mexican Spice.

7Giant Water Beetles

In Thailand, these beetles are de-shelled and then eaten either fried or roasted. Their taste is described as being similar to scallops.

8Tequila Worm Lollipop

Now you can enjoy the taste of Tequila without all that pesky nudity and reckless behavior. Just suck on one of these sugar-free, Tequila-flavored lollipops, complete with an edible worm inside each pop. How many licks does it take to get to the worm? You tell us.

9Weaver Ants Eggs

Weaver ants eggs can be collected for only one month per year in Thailand, and collecting the eggs is a time-consuming and often painful task. These eggs are described as being large and squishy, and they need to be cooked thoroughly before eating them on your salad or tortilla chips.

10Chocolate-Covered Giant Ants

These Giant Queen Leafcutter ants are bathed in decadent Belgian chocolate. Their taste is described as “nutty” and they are said to boost the immune system and give those who eat them extra energy.

11Witchetty Grubs

These large, white, wood-eating moth or beetle larvae are a staple in Aboriginal diets in Australia. Grubs are high in protein and edible either raw or lightly seared over fire coals.

12Spicy Giant Bug Paste

Love spicy foods? This is the product for you! This dipping sauce contains crushed Giant Waterbugs (AKA Giant Scorpions) along with assorted Thai spices and chilis. This paste makes the perfect dipping sauce for tortillas, sticky rice, and all of those other edible insects you love to dip.