10 Utterly Bizarre Burlesque Shows

1The Bible

You have serious problems if you've ever thought, “Jesus, Joseph, Moses and the horsemen are so sexy. I would be so happy if only I could see their breasts.” At least now you can celebrate your underlying sexual religious issues with a few biblically-themed burlesque hotties.


If you ever decide you're ready to destroy your childhood, viewing images of the Muppets burlesque show is certainly a good place to start.

3Disney Movies

Like the Muppets burlesque, this one is sure to destroy your childhood, but if you've ever had a thing for Tinkerbell or one of the Disney princesses, this might just be your lucky day.


What's sexier than Slimer with nipples? ….Um, anything. Even so, it's hard to hate on the cast's rendition of the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, which includes an adorable girl in a sailor suit-style bikini.

5Quentin Tarantino Films

Pulp Fiction, Natural Born Killers, Inglorious Bastards, Kill Bill and Reservoir Dogs are all great movies, but they are also some of the last places you'd expect to inspire a burlesque show. Surprisingly, the reimagining of the films as dance routines is both entertaining and sexy.


With so many smoking hot anime babes to choose from, it's a little surprising to see the likes of Speed Racer and Pikachu among the characters represented in this show. Sure, everyone likes Pikachu, but how many people “like-like” him?


Sure, everyone loves Catwoman and Poison Ivy, but unless you really wanted to see what was under Heath Ledger's nurse uniform, the rest of this show might be a little more than what you bargained for. Just check out Two Face for proof.

8Video Games

Whether you've always had a thing for Princess Peach, Chung Li, Rayne or Princess Zelda, attending this video game-themed show certainly would have pushed all your buttons.

9Star Wars

Given how popular Star Wars is, it's not surprising that it has been done in burlesque form –and by a whole ton of troops. What is a bit shocking though is the selection of characters used for the shows. Sure everyone wants to see Princess Leia and it's kinda hot to see a storm trooper strip down to reveal a sexy naked girl, but Jabba the Hut is always disgusting, even when played by a smoking babe.

10Star Wars Versus Star Trek

What happens when a few burlesque dancers start arguing over which scifi franchise? They decide to settle it with a strip off, of course. It's hard to declare a winner when the participants both argue their point so well though.