15 of the Funniest Receipts Of All Time

This is one of the few discounts you wouldn't want.

Three thong panties, a "massager", batteries, lubricants, and cucumbers... I see what you're doing here!

When Ketchup is not option ...

And she's still too expensive...

Sounds like a lot of turkey...

Plenty of payment options right here.

It can't be nothing, it's always something...

An STD Pillow... No wonder it's on clearance.

At least it was free!

The cashier came out of the closet just now.

When they say "always low prices", they mean it. Cheapest stripper ever!

They do give it away, but they charge you for treatment afterwards.

My favorite color.

Nah, she was average...

You could have taken two, you know?