12 Creatively Placed Street Art

Fauxreel's 'Face of the City' series.

Abduction by KIMERA. Luiz Felipe Amado da Cunha.

Artist Sandrine Estrade Boulet's public art works range from irreverent to cute to naughty. Her works embrace her surroundings and incorporate physical features in the environment. This Cheerleader stencil makes use of a pair of grass tufts peeking through the side walk.

This awesome pixelated street art was spotted in NYC in the East Village. Photo by Annamarie Tendler.

Ninja Turtles.

Australian graffiti artist BUFFdiss works with masking tape. He's especially fond of making giants in public places so that people look like dolls in comparison. According to him, using masking tape permits him greater leeway with authorities who would object to the use of more permanent media.

Girl in the slide.

Street smoker.