10 Craziest Beanbags

1Snorlax beanbag

This awesome beanbag chair in the shape of a Snorlax (from the world of Pokémon) was made by DeviantART member SmellenJR for a Christmas gift.

2Shark beanbag

This shark bean bag chair, available from an online bargain retailer in Australia, would be a great gift for a friend who fears sharks, you know, so he can work on getting over his phobias at home.

3Grizzly bear beanbag

The grizzly bear bean bag looks like a hibernating grizzly bear and the great thing is that the bear won't wake up if you sit or lay on him. The bear continues to sleep FOREVER. If you act fast, you too can get a hibernating sleeping bear for $135 (down from the original $159 price). Yay! I want one!

4Boob beanbag

Is there a better place to take a nap?

5Rock beanbag

Bean bag furniture was never as cool as this. Especially if you are a geologist or earth scientist. Take a look at these fun rock-like cushions, available online from a shop in Colorado. Taking her inspiration from nature, socially conscious South African textile designer Ronel Jordaan has set up a women's workshop in Gauteng- Johannesburg where trained artisans create these “stone” floor cushions. By transforming interlocking fibers made from 100% merino wool, these freeform oversized rocks and boulders fool the eye, but provide immediately recognizable comfort to weary torsos in search of a relaxing seat. Soft yet buoyant, the veined, smooth textured cushions can be arranged to support seat and back.
Plus they look like rocks!

6Mountain beanbag

This cool beanbag is modelled after Kebnekaise, the highest mountain in Sweden. You know, for a baby, making it to the top of a beanbag probably does almost equate the effort it'd take us to climb a mountain. So why not celebrate that fact by making it look like one. You might even get some good photo-opportunities out of it. Plus, it'd look extremely cool next to a toy-train layout, don't you think? While your child is pushing trains around the carpet, you can imagine they're bullet trains speeding past Mount Kilimanjaro.

7Bubble beanbag

Inflatable furniture is not longer restricted to the same old boring designs and designers are really getting creative. The Bubble Chair is the perfect example and is both funky and functional. Five small and five large inflatable balls that have been molded together to form the chair and the use of vinyl makes them durable.

8Lotus flower bean bag

The Dream Bag, designed by Ulrika E. Engberg and Kasper Medin, is today's bean bag chair, simple and schleppable, yet—as the 21st century demands—spiritual. It's modeled on the lotus, seat of divinities. In Hinduism, Vishnu and Ganesh, Lakshmi and Saraswati they are all depicted on lotus blossoms.

9Octopus beanbag

Have you ever thought about sitting on the lap of an octopus? I hope not. But if you have, there is a safe way to try it. This suspiciously looking thing is a beanbag, made out of a recycled pairs of jeans. On the face of it, this seat designed by Atelier BLINK seems very comfortable, but it does look a bit bizarre. You get the idea. Of course, it's not a real experience without the suction cups, but maybe it's for the better this way.


The LoJo Ball was created by Stefan and Kirstin Knox of Bang Creations Limited with the intention to provide a seat that would make that impromptu night back at your place - when your friends descend upon you - more comfortable and fun. LoJo Ball looks good, feels good, and has an element of surprise that makes you want to love it and use it. Being partly inflatable, storage and carriage is easy and convenient. It can be stored, carried and used anywhere.