12 Gifts So Manly They’ll Put Hair on Your Chest

1Camouflaged Diaper Bag

Say goodbye to flowery diaper bags... Now there's Diaper Dude ($43.99)! This bag is not your average diaper bag. It was designed with dad in mind. A cool, hip, funky diaper bag that comes complete with changing pad, cell phone holder and key ring for dads on the go. Diaper Dude is compartmentalized and has enough space to hold those essentials needed for a day out with dad.

2Bacon Scented Candle

Bacon, nothing else in the world is more sacred to men than bacon. Breakfast, lunch, or dinner...it is the ultimate guy food. If you call yourself a man you will not be able to resist the hot, savory scent of this cool Bacon candle . All the happiness of the smell, but none of the calories or grease stains.

3Sexy Toilet Paper

Who said that some of the greatest ideas don't manifest themselves in the bathroom? This multi-purpose paper ($5.99) will not only dry your bottom, but it will give you some great ideas in the bedroom or in the toilet, either way, grab your lover and get busy. Great idea for when you're throwing a party, your guests will be entertained while using the john.

4"Does Size Really Matter?" Underwear

Poking fun at the regular question of size, this men's underwear "Does size really matter?" ($8.50) is perfect for him as a fun and kinky gift, or perfect to buy for yourself as a surprise for her! Buy this fun underwear now and ask her the all important question: Does size really matter?

5Superman Cufflinks

This classic "S" is symbolic of the man who can do everything. Show your strength when wearing this funny superman set ($39.99) that can be worn for both work and play.

6Mustache Mirror Clings

You know what would make your face look a lot better? A big ol' manly mustache! Stick one of these non-permanent cling stickers ($4.99) to your mirror, then stand back, close one eye and admire the awesome spectacle of manliness beneath your nose.

7Farting Coin Drop Bank

Just drop a coin through the strategically located slot and listen as the bank ($10.08) lets out a big, juicy one. Makes saving more fun. Access your hard-earned cash from the bottom of the bank.

8Instant Excuse Ball

Look, we all make mistakes, but sometimes the usual excuses just won't do! The Instant Excuse Ball ($7.13) is here to help. In a flash, you can have an original (and hilarious) excuse for your boss, teacher or spouse. Phew! That was close! The Instant Excuse Ball has 20 different excuses, ranging from the obvious: "Traffic was bad", to the obscure: "Oprah",(???) and many more: Abducted by aliens; My fish died; What memo? It's not my job ...and so on.

9Usb Humping Dog

They say dogs are a man's best friend. Just plug this USB Humping Dog ($9.89) into an USB port and watch it in action. This spunky mutt will not stop, until you pull him out.

10Macho's Travel Luggage Tag

Show everyone in the airport who is the boss with this intimidating luggage tag ($3.99). No one will dare to steal it from you.

11Muscle Man Cooking Apron

Show everyone that a man can get into the kitchen and still look manly with this sexy apron (24.99).

12Novelty Computer Keys

End your frustration about computer problems with these funny computer keys ($13)! The Fun Computer Key- is a real computer key with a peel and stick backing that you can peel & stick on your keyboard, monitor or anywhere!