The 12 Most Disturbing Fetishes To Keep You Up At Night

1Bug Chasers: The HIV Fetish

The HIV fetish involves trying to sleep with someone infected with AIDS in an effort to contract the disease. Although there are some straight men and women who fall into this group, the majority are bi or gay men. While some self-proclaimed bug chasers actually do, this as a misguided attempt to become a bigger part of the gay community, others do it in order to get free government benefits, and many do it for the sexual thrill. Most of these people are sex addicts who cannot get turned on through other, less risky behaviors. To the fetishist bug chasers, the thrill of risk is sexy and the ultimate taboo is being HIV positive.

2Vorarephilia: The Cannibalism Fetish

If you've ever said someone was so cute you could eat them, and meant it literally, you may be a vorarephile. You also qualify if you have ever gotten hot thinking about being roasted on a spit before someone eats your ooey gooey flesh. These fetishists fantasize about either eating someone or being eaten, but because the process is rather permanent, the majority satiate their desires by looking at pictures and videos of people roasting on fires and other cannibal-related imagery.
The most famous vorarephile is Armin Meiwes, who is now serving a life sentence in Germany after he killed and ate a willing victim that he met over the internet. The case brought a lot of attention as people debated whether it was truly murder given the victim's conscious consent to the act.

3Erotophonophilia: The Murder Fetish

Believe it or not, you probably already know the names of some of history's most notorious erotophonophiles. Jeffery Dahmer, John Wayne Gacy and Ted Bundy, who are just a few that have made it into the history books. If you couldn't tell already, erotophonophiles are those that are sexually stimulated by murder. This often involves the rape of the victim and/or the mutilation of their genitals. Although many of these fetishists are able to keep their lusts under control and just role play murder and necrophilia with their partners, those that can't are serious dangers to society as they can easily become serial killers.

4Crush Fetish

The crush fetish involves arousal from watching an animal or insect be crushed by a human, in most cases, an attractive young girl. Fetishists can range from those that enjoy seeing bugs stepped on to those who like watching a tiny kitten be murdered with a stiletto heel. Unsurprisingly, this is one fetish that is not too popular with legislative bodies. Crush films depicting anything besides insects are banned in the U.S. and U.K., although internet access to crushing sites makes these laws difficult to enforce.

5Acrotomophilia and Apotemnophilia: The Amputee Fetishes

If you fantasize about rubbing nubs, you probably have an amputee fetish. There are two types of these fantasies, acrotomphilia, the sexual attraction to amputees, and apotemnophilia, the sexual drive to become an amputee.
While both of these lusts may seem odd, it is easy to see that apotemnophiles are the more disturbed of the two, as they find the removal of their own healthy limbs to be sexy. Most acrotomphiles lust after people who already are amputees, rather than wanting to amputate the limbs from a partner without a disability. Although most apotemnophiles only pretend to lose a limb for the sake of sexual pleasure, there are a handful of people that have been known to have their limbs permanently removed in order to better suit their fetish.

6Menophilia: The Menstruation Fetish

Most men find vaginal bleeding to be revolting and utterly unsexy, but there are a few on the other end of the spectrum. These blood lovers just might be the closest things we have to real vampires, as they love to suck on tampons and lick maxi pads. While there are a handful of women who have this fetish, the majority of menstruation lovers are men, since they don't make their own vaginal blood. There isn't much more to say about these guys other than yes, they really do exist (despite a limited amount of credible research on the paraphilia), and no, that's not sanitary.

7Emetophilia: The Vomit Fetish

A lot of people want to vomit when someone around them throws up; emetophiles want to get it on when they see regurgitation. To these fetishists, there is no such thing as an overactive gag reflex because things don't really get hot for them until someone looses their lunch. A common slang term for the act of vomiting on one's partner is a Roman shower -not to be confused with the more common and equally gross, golden shower, which occurs when someone urinates on their partner.

8Rubber Mask Fetish

“Kerry” is well-known on the internet for his bizarre videos featuring feminine rubber masks. While he and his viewers may not be dangerous or displaying psychopathic tendencies like many other fetishists seen on this list, the Buffalo Bill vibe and creepy, expressionless masks still send shivers down my spine.

9Symphorophilia: The Accident Fetish

You may have heard the urban legend about people who could only get turned on during a car crash and of course die during intercourse. While this rumor started after J.G. Ballard released the novel Crash in 1973, accident fetishism is a real phenomenon. Symphorophiles get sexually aroused only by serious accidents, although the danger doesn't necessarily need to be related to car crashes, fires, explosions, collapsing buildings and more can all excite these fetishists.

10Abasiophilia: The Limited Mobility

It sounds like part of a joke, but there really are people who find an incapacitated person's inability to get around exceptionally arousing. When an abasiophile sees a wheelchair, leg brace or crutch, they feel the same as most men do while looking at a pair of lacy underwear. While some of these fetishists just like to look at people trying to get around in their orthopaedic appliances, some of them like to see a disabled person struggle without these devices. In these types of videos, a quadriplegic woman might be found trying to wriggle up the stairs, never quite making it to the top.

11Formicophilia: The Insect Fetish

If you're afraid of bugs, then you may want to skip past this disturbing fantasy. Formicophiles are not just turned on by insects, but the idea of insects biting them or climbing all over their body. The tickling or stinging of said bug action is considered incredibly erotic by these fetishists, which is why it is not surprising that most people who have this obsession grew up in poverty, in a home that had plenty of creepy crawlies.

12Cuckold Fetish

Adultery occurs every day, but fetishized infidelity is a lot less common. A cuckold fetish occurs when a man becomes sexually aroused by the knowledge that his wife is having sex with another man. In some cases, this may involve him setting up the affair, but not being around while it occurs, but in other cases, he may watch or even join in. While much less common, the female version of this arrangement would be called a cuckquean fetish.