11 Unusual and Funny Christmas Ornaments

These sweet Grenade Ornaments ($20) by Suck UK will ensure that your next Christmas is a blast, pun very much intended. While we've long been fans of dangerous design (in symbolism, not in reality), these grenade ornaments are more than a conversation piece, they've been designed as a charity item for holiday decoration shoppers.

What can be better than a fat gay mermaid ($19.99) on your Christmas tree?

We can't promise the Dog Poop Christmas Ornament ($5) will become a family heirloom but you can bet your family will still be talking about it well into the New Year. This sparkly, sculpted "doo" has been featured on the Jay Leno Show (really!) and is one of our most popular new items this season. A great gift for any pet lover with a warped sense of humor.

The Captain James T. Kirk Ornament ($18.40) is just one of many Star Trek themed items for all the trekkies out there.

Why does a Sex and the City Christmas Ornament ($12.99) exist is beyond our understanding. But that doesn't mean that these ornaments won't find a nice tree for themselves. The fact that the movie grossed over $400 million is proof that the Sex and the City franchise has a very strong base that will eat up whatever is thrown at them.

Who can resist the unstoppable mix of Farting Toys and Holiday Cheer? The Santa & Reindeer Tootin' Tushies ($22.50) are hysterical Christmas decoration to hang around the house or as a new favorite ornament on the tree. Santa and his reindeer do a lot of work on Christmas Eve so each must have some serious gas. It's a lot of pressure. But their farts are no regular flatulence. It is infused with the humor inspiring Christmas spirit. Squeeze either the Reindeer or Santa Tootin' Tushies Farting Ornament and it will fart a few bars of Deck the Halls for an impressive 15 or so seconds!

If you wanted the Faberge Egg equivalent of a guitar ornament, we'd save up and commission one of these Fender Guitar and Bass Ornaments ($6.90). Given the price, how cool they look and feel, that they include a blue bass, and that they made the boys day, we'd say they are perfect.

This hard to find Camera Ornament ($12.75) looks well loved and will be a fun addition to your tree this year.

What a fun idea for the sushi lover, a Sushi Ornament ($6.99)!

Approximately 127 million adults in the U.S. are overweight, 60 million are obese, and 9 million are extremely obese. However, that hasn't stopped people from gorging on incredibly unhealthy fast food. If you can't get enough of your 1000+ calorie value meals during lunch and dinner, bring them home by way of these Fast Food Burger & Fries Christmas Ornaments ($17.88).

Show your passion for pool with these set of balls 1-15 and cue. Includes Hooks for hanging. Make Your Holidays Merry with the Pool Balls Ornament ($11.50)