10 Photoshop Fashion Victims

In the right hands, Photoshop can make fashion models look even more gorgeous than they already are. In the wrong hands, however, beautiful women become deformed freaks who look like they were (badly) assembled in a factory somewhere. Here are ten examples of Photoshop fashion disasters.

Beyonce, after the trash compactor accident.

Face of an angel... neck of a linebacker.

Talk about Photoshop Fashion disasters. Oh, the hip bone's connected to the... OH MY GOD, NO!

Doing your toenails must be so much easier with a detachable leg.

This is hopeless! Let's just make the dress longer.

I've heard of webbed toes, but this is ridiculous!

Let's see. Man hands? Check.
Tiny head? Check.
Extra-wide neck? Check.
Arm made of rubber? Check MATE.

With skin this soft, who needs two legs?

You've got to hand it to Lindsay Lohan; she has never let her tiny T-Rex arm slow down her career.

Beware! Praying Mantis Model will eat your children!