12 Funniest Misspelled Billboards

Misspellings can't be good, but to have it in a super size panel makes it much worse. Check out these twelve misspelled billboards.

Nice apostrophe!

No exceptions, not even for me!

Alcoholic dyslexia. Talk about bad billboards.

What a difference a letter makes, huh?

It looks like some ad pillars went on a diet after several people pointed out that this advertisement had a rather embarrassing misspelling in gazillion-point type.

Panera Bread learned the hard way a cardinal rule for advertisers: check the spelling. The company put up a billboard on southbound Interstate 95 that promoted the two Panera locations in Boynton Beach. But the next day, the company took the billboard down after sharp-eyed commuters noticed that the word "Boynton" was spelled incorrectly. Twice.

This is a huge end cap ad for Seagate. Seriously.

Someone misspelled tattoos on an unintentionally gay billboard.
Double woops or double win?

The sign person misspelled Charlie!

About ten years ago, this was Atlanta's best-known misspelled sign. It was visible from I-85 near Jimmy Carter Boulevard. Trophies and plagues. Do they also do pestilences? Or maybe just plaques?

So if it weren't enough to just HAVE Braille on a billboard... Let alone small enough so that nobody who even has PARTIAL sight can see it, they misspelled Stevie Wonder's name!

NOTE: our reader Jewels explains: "The only thing wrong with the Braille alphabet in the Stevie Wonder billboard, is that the capital sign is not used. The letters are correct. "

Bye-bye car!