Only in Vegas

She's definitely 'getting some' in her wedding night!

All you will ever need in one place (circa 1988).

Can AMD get away with an advertisement like this?

Just hanging around after a work day (or night).

Women in bikinis march across the Las Vegas Strip as they help the Las Vegas Convention & Visitors Authority earn a Guinness World Record for staging the world's largest bikini parade with 281 participants.

The hottest cup of coffee isn't at Starbucks; it's at SexxPresso – Las Vegas' first “erotic coffee shop” where drinks are served by lingerie-clad baristas!

If you thought you have seen everything in Las Vegas, think again. How does eating a gourmet dinner suspended from a crane 200 ft above the Las Vegas Strip sound?

This sign to rent full auto machine guns can only be seen in Vegas.

Originally used for handicapped people who had trouble getting into the building, this Drive-Thru wedding chapel has become a mainstay of Las Vegas wedding scene.

Looks like 2 hours of fun!

Inflatable dolls at the casino.

On a recent episode of ABC's popular “Shaq vs.” TV show, basketball great Shaquille O'Neal came to the Las Vegas Strip for showdowns with boxer Sugar Shane Mosley and magicians (and Rio Las Vegas headliners) Penn and Teller. After losing his exhibition match, Shaq, as promised, strolled around Caesars wearing a pink bikini. We kind of wish he'd won.

Bloated Elvis meets Drunk Elvis.