14 Funniest People of Walmart Photos

Oh, the people of Walmart. All a big supermarket chain wants for their costumers is to feel comfortable at the store. In the biggest grocery retailer in the US, some people take this feeling too seriously.

Ahh, Walmart. The place to go when Target is just too high-end and you don’t have quite enough gas in the tank to get to the dollar store. Walmart is a magnet for some of the more intriguing people you’ll see. It’s like the characters in an episode of “Cops” came together for some retail therapy.

The cacophony of oddballs at Walmart is truly astounding. You’re about as likely to find a man in a three-piece suit strolling through the aisles as you are to find Hillary Clinton sending a Christmas card to Donald Trump. So, while Walmart is fixated on telling us it rolls back prices, we’re rolling our eyes at the completely unaware clientele that makes going there a treat, not just for the savings, but for the laughs we’re bound to have looking at everyone else.

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1Funniest People of Walmart #1

How perfect is this? The Hamburglar is within eyeshot of a poster for a Big Mac. Her outfit is so outrageous no one even noticed Grimace doing his own five-finger discount.

2Funniest People of Walmart #2

Look, if your child is wearing a bag over her head, you’ve got more pressing needs than getting juice. And you get the feeling that the only thing the mom is going to do when she realizes her girl has put a bag over her head is remind her that she needs to head over to the Ziplock aisle. Yes, if I shopped at Walmart, I’d wear a bag over my head, too.

3Funniest People of Walmart #3

“Now that's a titty!”

We’ve heard of side boob, but back boob? Does Walmart sell bras for a chest this big? Either her back boobs are huge or that shirt shrunk WAY too much.

4Funniest People of Walmart #4

Well, it's almost summer, which means that we all get to witness more gems like this one.

They may want to change the policy to “No shirt, no shorts, no service.” She should probably be shopping in Wedgie Mart. Unless your name is Beyonce, you just can’t dress like this one.

5Funniest People of Walmart #5

This guy really needed to buy a shirt.

He’s looking for something in an extra white trashy. You may shake your head, but, come on, we all have an uncle who does stuff like this.

6Funniest People of Walmart #6

I didn't know you were allowed to take a goat into Walmart.

7Funniest People of Walmart #7

Right from the hospital.

This poor lady is gown and out. How good must the deals have been if she checked out of the hospital, then went to Walmart and THEN went home to change?

8Funniest People of Walmart #8

Wet pants.

And this is why you should never eat in a Walmart. The people of Walmart truly are the butt of jokes. I shudder to think what her front looks like.

9Funniest People of Walmart #9

Well, obviously the front basket is full so she couldn't ride E.T. style which doesn't leave her many other unsafe transportation options.

The Rascal Walmart challenge is destined to be the next Internet trend. It’s Walmart, definitely not Walsmart.

10Funniest People of Walmart #10

That's what you get when you mix Elvis with a poodle.

You don’t want to know how much mousse he bought to get his hair to look like this. The good news is his hair protects him from getting wet and he never needs to carry an umbrella.

11Funniest People of Walmart #11

How the hell did the White Witch of Narnia come through the wardrobe?

It’s like Lady Gaga and Christina Aguilera had a baby. She came there directly from a long night at Studio 54.

12Funniest People of Walmart #12

Another one running for the prize of Mother of the Year.

A lot of moms drag their kids to Walmart, but most don’t drag them through Walmart. None of the employees said anything because it meant less mopping for them to do.

13Funniest People of Walmart #13

Twilight number one fan! How old is she?

Well, at least she didn’t get this tattooed on her front because then she’d look ridiculous. She was convinced to get this tattoo, so she is definitely someone you’d expect to drink the Kool-Aid.

14Funniest People of Walmart #14

At what point does a person just say “F*ck it, I don't need to put on shoes or pants”? Most people in the world would put pants on to walk into another room of the house, or if not that, then they would put some on if they are going to the street to get their mail. This woman made it to Walmart.

Most people in the world would put pants on to walk into another room of the house, or if not that, then they would put some on if they are going to the street to get their mail. This woman made it to Walmart.” - If she’s not there buying pants and shoes, then she really doesn’t understand the point of Walmart. Underneath it all, all Walmart customers really are the same.