15 Strangest People of Walmart

Oh, the people of Walmart. All a big supermarket chain wants for their costumers is to feel comfortable at the store. In the biggest grocery retailer in the US, some people take this feeling too seriously. (For more pics check out People of Walmart)


Now that's a titty!

Well, it's almost summer, which means that we all get to witness more gems like this one.

This guy really needed to buy a shirt.

I didn't know you were allowed to take a goat into Walmart.

Right from the hospital.

Wet pants.

Well, obviously the front basket is full so she couldn't ride E.T. style which doesn't leave her many other unsafe transportation options.

That's what you get when you mix Elvis with a poodle.

How the hell did the White Witch of Narnia come through the wardrobe?

Another one running for the prize of Mother of the Year.

Twilight number one fan! How old is she?

At what point does a person just say “F*ck it, I don't need to put on shoes or pants”? Most people in the world would put pants on to walk into another room of the house, or if not that, then they would put some on if they are going to the street to get their mail. This woman made it to Walmart.