8 Funniest Chatroulette Pranks & Reactions

1The Last Exorcism

Watch all these guys looking idiotic at the sight of this pretty girl stripping for them, until she turns into she-devil.

2Infallible Method to Get Chatroulette Boob Flashing

Here's an offer no girl can refuse: Show your boobs or the snake eats the baby bird! It works. Every single time. Or maybe not every time, but there are plenty of chickens.

3Piano Improvisation

See this guy, Merton, freestyling in real-time with random strangers on Chat Roulette.

4Eye Vagina

Ever noticed how some parts of your body can look like others parts of other people's bodies?

5Turn your head

‘If you turn your head, I win'. Obviously the guy always wins.

6Male puppet pleasing itself

A guy decided to make fun of all the jerking guys with this dirty puppet. See the reactions.

7Fake Hair

See what a man with a wig can do.

8Hot chick prank

Why do guys always fall for that?