12 Weirdest Belts

1PacMan Belt

Pacman fans have two new reasons to expand their accessory collection, thanks to these Pacman belt designs that are amazingly cute and also retro. There is a buckle focused design and then there is the Inky, Pinky, Blinky and Clyde design, with all the characters stacked on the entire belt.

2Beer Belt

Finally! Yes, it's the life-changing, prayer-answering, best-idea-anyone's-ever-had invention of the century! Cause seriously, holding a beer is exhausting! And don't even get us started on holding 6 beers. Whew! But thankfully, the long dark days of arm-breaking party beer-holding are over. Say “hello” to your new best friend, the Beer Belt!

3Bacon Belt

If you keep eating BBMBs (Bacon, Bacon and more Bacon sandwiches) like that, you are definitely going to need a bigger belt. This soft vinyl Bacon Belt with metal buckle fits waist sizes 30? to 40? which should give you ample room to grow out your bacon belly. Isn't it time you celebrated your girth with a belt that's deserving its place around your midsection? The perfect gift for the fashionable meat lover.

4The Weight Watch Belt

Don't gain a single extra pound any more. Just buckle up with this weight watch belt and you will have control of your waist.

5Last Supper Belt

Distressed leather belt with the Last Supper graphic screened at the front. Topped with a metal roller buckle.

6Piano Belt

The key to keeping your britches up. Distressed leather belt with allover painted piano keys. Topped with a removable roller buckle.

7Bicycle Tire Belt

This belt is made from a used hybrid bike tire. It is black with a mild tread. Backing is black rubber. Belt is 1-1/2 inches wide, buckle is nickel plated steel. This tire was rescued from the trash after a tire change at the bike shop. It has some use to it and the tread is showing wear down the center.

8Skeletor Belt

To surprise and fascinate, choose jewels and accessories by Italian designer Delfina Delettrez. Infused with romance and the macabre, these pieces reflect your strength of personality and stylish wit. Gold, silver, iron, copper and Tuscan marble fuse with precious stones to make inimitable, high-impact statements. Wrap your waist in Delfina's skeletor belt for a Gothic-style flourish. Fixed to a wide leather band, slender Sterling silver fingers interlock to suspenseful effect; fasten the knot tie to the side or front to achieve your desired look.

9SPI Belt

The SPI Belt holds small personal items during your bike rides, workouts, or on a trip. Deceptively roomy belt features a spandex blend pouch that expands to carry your keys, cell phone, MP3 player, ID, money and more. Belt will not bounce, shift or interfere with activity like bulky fanny packs do. Can be discretely under clothing.

10Nintendo Controller Belt

This officially licensed Nintendo Belt features the original NES controller along with the Contra Code for eternal life. The belt is adjustable up to 48 inches.

11Skeleton Drinking Belt

Be the number one party guest when you wear this Skeleton Drinking Belt! Includes: Belt with center skull and two skull hand beverage can holders. Center skull has red LED eyes to light up and add some fright to your costume look!

12Belt Camera

If you're aspiring to be a super secret spy at some point in your life then you'll need the equipment to go with the job. No one can be a true spy without the proper tools. Well Minox is selling a seemingly innocent belt that happens to have a hidden camera built into it. The belt can record videos, which will likely be every perv's dream. It doesn't only records videos, but it will record audios as well. Giving you handy blackmail material when needed. It records onto an SD card and includes a USB adapter. It will cost you a pretty penny though, it is priced at about $300.