12 Coolest Sticky Notes

We all know the frustration of having an incredible idea hit you in the shower only to have it slip away before you could write it down. Now you can jot down those ideas with the AquaNotes Waterproof Notepad ($9.99). The notepad features 40 perforated sheets so you can take your ideas, lists, and plans for fixing the government wherever you go.

This hot slice of toast is pretty hard to miss on your desktop. How about having a toasted note ($7) on your table?

Sticky Notepad with Pen ($7.99) has deadly serious sticky notes! Use this startling notepad when you write workday to-do lists, ideas for revenge, letters of resignation, or lists of your "favorite" co-workers. Turn heads when you bring this notepad and pen to your next meeting. The "blood splattered" hole in the notepad is a perfect place to store your pen when not in use. Keep this on your desk next to that suspiciously sharp letter opener.

So you never have a sticky note block when you need to take notes? Then you are going to love this To-do Tattoo ($7.75). You will never forget anything again.

Bring some humor to your office with this Cheese Sticky Note ($50).

Did you just leave a message for one of your friends on a boring old yellow sticky note? Oh, no you didn't. Next time, Talk To The Hand ($9.95) because the hand commands respect! You have 300 chances to get your point across in each pad. High Five!

Bring the majesty of the ocean into your kitchen or office, or give the gift of the sea to your friends and family. The two-panel panoramic photograph is repeated twice so the ocean can be seen on each of the four panels of the cube ($13.95).

Nasty Notes ($6.99) for the bitchy, bitchier, and bitchiest! Now that bitch is an affectionate term (mostly), you can tell the bitches in your life exactly what kind of bitch they are. OR, you can bitch to them about work hassles, love issues or life in general. Whether they are your bitch or you just feel like bitching, allow your inner bitch to roar. Express yourself the fill-in-the-blank way, then make it stick.

A little something for those dull moments at the office. Re-cycle your old sticky notes and turn them into 3D models! Each Origami Note Pad ($5.95) has instructions for 10 different shapes, including: pig; penguin; boat; crane; butterfly; squirrel; lily and water bomb. For beginners or advanced paper folders!

What you write on these Freudian sticky notes ($9.99) will reveal the innermost workings of your mind--or not. Honor the father of modern psychoanalysis with this collection of sticky notes. Makes a great gift for your therapist, or anyone in need of one.

A totally girly lipstick pen and sassy lip shaped sticky notes ($3.50) come all wrapped in an adorable suitcase styled package.

This Einstein book of sticky notes ($5.25) will add relativity to your words.