10 Of the Best Prank Videos Ever

Creativity is increased with boredom. Meet ten of the coolest prank videos ever.

Here's a neat prank where the bathroom mirror has been replaced with a regular glass and a set of identical twins are placed in rooms opposite of each other.

Pranksters Dan Podosek and Yuki Palermo like to pretend to hold a rope across walkways and roadways to see who will stop rather than break the invisible (and non-existent) rope. Here's their Christmas video, shot at a snowy road and a shopping mall.

Babysitter guy freaks out during hidden camera ghost prank.

A boy is pranked with a maze challenge. The ingenious game makes the player concentrate and is silent throughout the game, but upon completion there is a scary face and scream. It's enough to make anyone jump out of their seat, even when you know what's coming.

This video is the original one that has generated thousands of videos on YouTube of people videotaping their friends and family playing the scary maze game and getting scared silly.

A man pretends he has stolen an iPhone and calls for the help service to assist him download an app to clear it out. Hilarious.

This is the most viewed phone prank ever in Youtube.

An elderly lady needs help to cross the street. See what happens when people try to help her.

Imagine going to the toilet and having a head pop out of the loo.

Watch these unsuspecting intern applicants on hidden camera to see how far they'll go to land a job!

A policeman's practical joke: they change people's license plate and accuse them of stealing a car.