15 Creative Benches

1Pencil Bench

The seat is made up of 1,600 pencils which are individually sprung. Each pencil can be removed and used. Design by Boex 3D Creative Solutions.

2Book Bench

The “Shelves with a Bench” was designed by Stanislav Katz, a designer from Latvia.

3Spaghetti Bench

Beautiful bench designed by Pablo Reinoso from Argentina. It's at Carpenters.

4Wolfgang Keyboard Bench

The Wolfgang keyboard bench is made up of 2,000 keys imbedded into a layered Baltic birch wood. Each key is pressable and actually makes a clicking sound when pressed. The tactile effect of the bench also makes a playful interaction with the bench because you engage with the piece of furniture in a very up close and intimate manner while pressing in the keys.

5Tennis Ball Bench

Dutch designers Tejo Remy and René VeenHuizen created these unusual benches out of tennis balls!

6Union Bench

The union bench product is a contemporary seating design that significantly enhances the public and urban experience. With Union it is self-chosen, depending on the state of mind, whether one wants to interact with other or to be on its own. Design by “I do design”.

7 Pillow Bench

This furniture was created by an experimental and independent designers group called The Mighty Bearcats in Chicago for the 2010 NeoCon.

8Ondine Bench

Benches with futuristic designs by Michael Bihain and Cédric Callewaert.

9Letter Bench

Located at a hospital in Bristol, this bench is a folded postcard inspired on an actual letter sent by a patient. The idea is to reassure new patients about the experience they will have during their stay.

10Solar Bench

This is a new approach of thinking about what a bench is. While playing the traditional role, this bench becomes a WIFI hot-spot and night-lighting with the thin-film solar battery. Moreover, it is made out of aluminum and recycled plastic regard of eco-issue.

11Muungano Bench

Creative bench designed by Peter Thuvander for the Conceptual Design Exhibition at the National Gallery in Stockholm. It pays homage to the typography industry and also comments “on differences as a foundation for language and form.” Is a laser cut bench that forms the word “muungano” which means union. A tag melted into an bench that dominates the room and with a strong visual impact.

12Treetrunk Bench

Old nature meets next nature in the design by Jurgen Bey.

13Ribs Bench

Contemporary bench designed by Stefan Lie from Sydney, Australia.

14Nail Bench

The artist Jay-Hyo Lee creates beautiful and pleasing benches from old nails that are hammered into the surface of natural wood. These nails are then bent to create patterns that evoke the ripples of water or currents of air. Once the hammering and designing job is complete, the artist grinds the nails, exposing raw silver metal to make sure that not even one nail is in a wrong position.

15Newspapers Bench

It's not uncommon to have a stack of newspapers sitting around; but it took the ingenuity of designer Charles Kaisin to turn a pile of old news into durable bench.