12 Creative Toothpaste Advertisements

Crest proves that even toothpaste can stand out in crowded New York City subways and streets with these clever whitening product ads. It's amazing what a little paint accomplishes!

This commercial, titled "Emergency," was done by Grey Bucharest advertising agency in Romania. The ad shows an emergency room with doctors making a surgery to a tooth victim of gingivitis. It was released in June 2010.

The ad campaign for Aquafresh Whitening Toothpaste demonstrates the whitening quality of the product by showing models wearing teeth sun visors while they enjoy outdoors activities. This is a very clever job by Grey Hong Kong.

The commercial titled Crime Scene was done by Grey Worldwide Hungary advertising agency in Hungary. It was released in June 2009.

This campaign apparently aims at conveying that teeth would start shining so brightly that the tongue would be in desperate need of an eye protector such eyeglasses, welding masks and so on.

This is an interesting print advertising campaign undertaken by Colgate Toothpaste to highlight its ability to fight against discoloring of teeth. The ad campaign has focused on the causes that discolor teeth generally. Coffee beans, tea bags and cigarettes have been arranged in such a manner that reflects the usual arrangements of teeth. The campaign has effectively used these props to depict teeth discoloring.

Its tag line reads, ‘Against the discoloring of teeth'.

Parodontax raises the awareness for preventing bleeding gums. The commercial titled Sharks was done for Paradontax Toothpaste in Singapore. It was released in July 2006. Agency: Grey Global Group, Singapore.

Who has not ever had cramps in the teeth after drinking something too cold or too hot? If you answered no, lucky you. Sensodyne used this usual problem as common sense to sell this product for sensitive teeth.

A Chinese print ad for Tian Qi Toothpaste, created by Creative World, Beijing. The idea is that strong teeth start with Tian Qi toothpaste.

Leave the pain for those who like it. Great ads for Sensodyne.

Great idea for Aquafresh toothpaste ad.

Brilliantly simple visual reinforcement of the line “Sensodyne Protects” – with lots of black and just a centred logo / tagline at the bottom. Agency: Callegari Berville Grey, Paris, France.