Only in Libya

Thanks to our reader Tarek for most of the photos.

The Libyan Flag is the only flag in the whole world with just one single color and no design, insignia, or other details.

Typical taxi in Libya. Add 12 people inside.

Thirsty animal.

Strange product sold in Libya, Virginity wash! Do you use it to maintain your virginity? Or use it when you lose it? Or is this supposed to be used to restore your virginity? It costs six dinars - that would be a cheap fix for the girls who have lost it before their wedding night.

Construction fail.

Car fixing: the mechanic is getting in the middle of the trouble.

Nice parking job.

Want some 'guice'?

How did it get there?

What is this lamb doing up there, and most important, how did he get there?

Buying some meat in the supermarket.

Nice cover-up for 'Bress' and 'Beriod'.