13 Craziest Ear Tattoos

Gecko tattoo.

The owner of this tattoo can't hear very well, according to him some people don't realize that. Hopefully this will help. And the rest of the people, who do notice it, they like to stare (or the ever popular, quick glances during a conversation). Now at least they have something to look at. It's a win-win.

Creepy skull tattoo.

Cool chick.

Spider ear.

Weirdest place for a cherry tattoo.

Cool monkey ear tattoo. Her ear is pierced right where the monkey's ear is, so if she wears a second earring it looks like the monkey is wearing it too.

I bet this person hears a buzz behind his ear all the time.

An ice cream and a muffin. Bonus: a little chained poodle.

This guy really loves California.