12 Craziest Light Switches

Thanks to our reader Allyson for the idea!

Have you ever thought about using a light switch as an ad space? Well, Viagra did, and it was a hell of a funny idea.

The person who created this probably meant well, but seriously, what comes to your mind when you see this light switch?

This light switch hook, provides a hanging function when in the OFF position. It is a fully functional light switch. It was designed to persuade people to use less energy by providing a power saving incentive. You can either hang something on it or turn the light ON – you can't do both.

This light switch is creative and funny. It features the breasts of a woman and her nipples are the On/Off control.

The MAGI light and switch concept was sponsored by ARTEMIDE.. With this concept you get a two-part team that tangos together to perform a synchronized dance. Rotate the power switch and the overhead lamp progressively opens to reveal the light. Like the glorious sun shining over you, urging you to feel your inner light, the MAGI beams through.

Teaching the importance of energy conservation is the goal of this design from Tim Holley. He calls it Tio, and it's a ghost-shaped light switch that gives kids a visual reminder of how much energy they've used by leaving lights on. Tio starts out green and smiling. If the light is left on for more than four hours, he turns yellow and looks shocked. And if you dare to leave that light on for more than eight hours, sweet little Tio turns into a raging red hulk, complete with frowny mouth and angry eyes. But he won't just visually remind your kids about their energy habits; information from the light switch is sent to Tio's computer program so the entire family can see how they're doing. In a brilliant piece of visual positive reinforcement, Holley's program lets kids grow a “virtual tree” which gets bigger and healthier the more energy they save.

Light switches are the new home accessories to fall in the Swarovski trap. The idea of using a Swarovski crystal as a light switch is quite weird but the crystal would definitely deck up your wall. No wonder the design has already won the ‘Design Plus award 2008'. What stands behind the polished crystal shell is a complex optical detection system to make it work properly. Also, the Swarovski switch can be put to good use not only to turn on and off the light, but to manipulate other household items too. Produced and customized by Berker, the Swarovski light switches will add a touch of elegance to your home decor and will attract quite a few stares too.

In the same vein as Scott Amron's "Off" light switch, where you have to pick between hanging up your jacket or turning on the light, comes "Energy Savings," a design-as-art statement that changes a standard light switch from consumption to conservation. It gives new meaning to the term "energy savings," and it's one of the most interesting piggy banks we've ever seen.

Your guests will be perplexed when they see this Areaware light switch encased in a Lucite box. Is the switch protected for some reason? Will the house explode if the switch is flipped? Should they attempt to break the Lucite in case of emergency? None of the above. The presence of this switch just means you're weird, lazy and have $250 to blow on a gold-colored remote-control on-off light switch. Wish it were cheaper? You're in luck — there's a silver-colored model for $150. No matter the color, we get the subtle humor.

These iconic switch plates allow their owners to think inside and outside the box at will – always a creative's prerogative. Deceptively simple, these functional and dimensional wall graphics raise a host of questions. Is the light switch being shaded or displayed? Is it possible to gain and lose perspective simultaneously? From online creative entrepreneur team Design Glut.

This concept light switch shows a map of your home with the location of lights indicated by light bulb icons. Pressing any of the icons turns on the corresponding light. What a bright idea.

Pool Ball Light Switch.