10 Farts Caught On Live TV

1Hillary Clinton during a 2007 Democratic Debate

Looks like Hillary Clinton couldn't wait until the debate was over and had to drop a ringo. The stunned audience went silent as did the interviewer.

2Canadian (Fart) Idol

"I totally just farted!" -- Chelsea Johnson, a 19-year-old from Sydney, NS, on the Canadian Idol TV show.

3Fitness TV Show Fart

Who can avoid a good fart while doing exercises? Not this trainer.

4Regis stops fighting and just lets it out

Regis appears to be fighting some gas pains and thinks he can just let one out quietely. But his body mic picked up the release. Kelly's laugh is priceless because she is caught off guard.

5Nude student farts in the background

"Oh my goodness!" A nude student farts past a news reporter.

6Swedish newsreader farts on live TV

This unknown female newsreader farts right at the end of a live TV show.

7Larry (farting) King LIVE

Larry Kings lets one go. Listen closely; he pauses while he does it, smooth.

8Rahm Emanuel Appears to Fart On Charlie Rose Show

White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel slides his coffee cup in an unfortunate way at the 22 second mark of this video from the Charlie Rose Show.

9Sports' Anchor farts

This sport reporter rips one on live TV, then can't stop laughing.

10Tiger Woods Farts on 18th Hole

Woods couldn't stop laughing afterwards.