12 Wackiest Foot Tattoos

Tattoos never cease to amaze us, meet twelve crazy foot tattoos that, thank God, can be hidden under your shoes.

Mike Marquez loves the Air Jordan V so much he decided to get a permanent AJV on his foot.

Mario & Luigi.

Would you have ever thought that someone would have a tattoo of US former President? Well, in fact, someone does. And it's on the bottom of their foot. I think it had something to do with "stomping out Bush" or "stomping on Bush". Either way, Bush was involved and there was some stomping going on.

A camel toe, literally!


So clever!

Calvin + Hobbes.

Symmetrical Gas Mask Tattoo.

This woman loves maps so much -- and the CTA -- that she has the rail system map tattooed on top of her foot.

Car tattoo.