15 Embarrassing Moments in Soccer

Ivory Coast Selection player peed in the field. It happened in a final match of the Africa Cup between Egypt and Ivory Coast in 2006.

Paul Gascoigne has a very particular distraction technique!

Dianbobo Balde makes a funny mistake…

Well… maybe he lost something there!

This player is Antonio Cassano from A.S. Roma.

Karl Fredrik Ljungberg and a loving streaker.

Lampard and Terry are exercising…

Are they playing soccer or Tetris?

Please…no hugging, just a handshake!

Serie A side Catania has come up with a creative way to score from a free kick: block the goalkeeper's vision by having players drop their shorts down in a wall. Catania's forward Gianvito Plasmati, right, is seen with his shorts down in this photo.

The player peeing is Maritimo's portuguese player, Albertino.

Ronaldo and Roberto Carlos.

Michel and his expression of good luck to Valderrama.

Luca Toni tries to… kiss his opponent?