Another 12 Unfortunate Logos

At least we know why this Satellite Dish is so happy.

Someone on Locum probably lost his job for that.

Yummy pizza!

A healthy threesome?

Didn't anyone notice that before hanging the lights?

oh yeah, the right "tools", if you know what I mean...

This Pride in Oldham award scheme looks like a tiny dwarf man going down on a lady in a peephole bikini.

This is the Kama Sutra of all logos! Who has ever said that wrestling is a manly sport?

Apple's latest application for the Iphone is a product called Icount which seems innocent enough, if not a bit challenging for the average fanboy. However the logo that accompanies the product seems to be arranged in a way so that the letter 'o' is dropped. Of course this must be an accident, after all Apple has made a big thing about how it does not allow swearing in its Iphone Apps.

This logo was theoretically to protest police brutality to medical marijuana users but seriously WTF?