12 Things and Places Inspired by Coffins

1Coffin Hotel Room

The Propeller Island City Lodge in Berlin was designed by Lars Stroschen. The hotel has 45 unique rooms, including The Coffin Room, perfect for vampires and night owls alike.

2Coffin Restaurant

A group of Ukrainian undertakers have constructed the first death-themed restaurant - built inside a 65ft-long coffin.

The ‘Eternity' restaurant, constructed in the town of Truskavets, near the Polish border in Ukraine, allows diners to order their food from a menu that includes dishes such as ‘Let's meet in paradise'.

The ghoulish undertakers want the building, which is decorated with dozens of wreaths and normal-sized coffins, to be confirmed as the world's biggest coffin.

3Coffin Cabinets

Created by Bryan Schoening from Coffin it Up, these nifty, coffin shaped cabinets can add character and calmness to an otherwise mundane kitchen. Since they don't have the same efficient storage capacity as regular, rectangle shaped drawers, their value is purely on the cosmetic and social.

4Coffin Pool Table

Crafted by MHP Enterprises Ltd. the Manhattan casket pool table makes the perfect Halloween party centerpiece. The high-quality construction and optional luxury finishes, such as 14-karat-gold or mother-of-pearl inlaid sights, may justify leaving this uniquely-shaped pool table out in the off-season. Price: $4,995

5Coffin Couches

The company Coffin Couches have managed to grab the 18 gauge steel coffins from the local funeral homes primarily in Southern California and transformed them in to designer Coffin Couches. At a first look these couches look like a luxurious piece of leather furniture, but I don't know how many people would like a coffin couch in their home. Price: app. $3,500

6Coffin Table

How about bringing in a coffin to your living room? Though it might sound a little too extreme for you, it doesn't seem so for the industrial designer Charles Constantine from Baltimore, Maryland. So he has put together this coffee table shaped like a coffin called the Memento Coffee Table Casket. And like its name suggests, this very weird piece of living room furniture will serve as your very own coffin when you're gone.

7Coffin Handbag

Think how much fun you can have with this junior coffin strapped over your shoulder. You'll be the death of the party!

8Coffin Shaped Cigarette Packaging

Coffin inspired cigarette packaging designed by R.J. Reynolds.

9Coffin Cars

Escape death with these motorized coffin cars.

10Mouse Trap Coffins

Because even problematic vermins deserve a proper burial to ensure their Mickey Mouse souls can get into heaven, design student Sarah Déry created these mouse trap coffins.

11Coffin Party

Coffin cake and gift coffins filled with presents.

12Windows Powered Casket

Make sure you are always connected in the afterlife also.