12 Awful Celebrity Tattoos

Why would anyone want to get Britney's worst phase permanently on their skin? Luckily for Britney, hair grows back; unfortunately for the owner of this tattoo, ink is forever.

Nixon's Tattoo.

This tattoo of Pope John Paul II looks so real that it got a first prize in a Brazilian Tattoo convention.

Out of all the stupid things this guy could have had tattooed on himself, he decided to go with Frank Zappa picking his nose.

The ultimate science tattoo: Jack Newton, 23, decided to have his right leg inked with the theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking's face after reading his best-selling book A Brief History of Time.

Apparently, celebrity tattoos are for amateurs. Real fandom means tattooing a celebrity's adopted offspring in a prominent and permanent place of one's body. Andy Bowling, a 42 year old Texan man, has got both Brad and Maddox tattooed on his body.

Tattoo of Henry David Thoreau sitting on a pumpkin, surrounded by his famous pronouncement "I would rather sit on a pumpkin and have it all to myself than be crowded on a velvet cushion" typeset - well, inked, rather - in Webster Italic WF from the Minuteman Printshop.

This person has Harry Potter portrayed in his limb!

This guy grew up watching Bob Ross with his Grandmother. After she passed away he got this as a funny reminder of their time together. How sweet!

Man with Madonna's Tattoo Postcard by Photographer David LaChapelle. I bet Madonna would love this tattoo.

We know everybody loves Oprah, but this tattoo is far off the limits.

Pretty girl + Hope Poster + Tattoo = not a very nice combination.