12 Craziest Pimped Car Interiors

Paris Hilton's pimped Bentley Continental GT.

"Zebra stripe" interior!

This is a concept car from Suzuki. The original car was made way back in ‘06, and it was not made by some random Halo obsessed Xbox man-child with technical car modification prowess.

Mahogany & gold bling bling interior!

Alpine spent over a quarter million dollars on this 2003 Honda Civic. This car is so littered with electronics it could only be described as unprecedented. The sticker price a cool $250,000.

This Hello Kitty interior was unveiled at the international extreme auto show 08 in Thailand. There is definitely a girly feel to this interior. You can see that the steering wheel is the shape of a cat, which is a nice touch.

"Carpet" covered interior.

Cozy Mustang.

After six years Mr Rot N Hell, a Canadian artist, transformed this '76 Ford Maverick into an incredible car art. He spent two months a year and around $3,000 to attach virtually everything he could scavenge onto the body of his art car. There was no welding involved but instead used screws, caulking, bondo and fibereglass to attach all the junk he found. It started as something he just wanted to do as an answer to boredom and snowballed into the Space Junk Art Car.

Pink Louis Vuitton