12 Craziest Mass-Participation World Records

1World record for biggest Coke-Mentos Explosion

About 1,500 students participated in a Mentos/Diet Coke demonstration in Leuven, Belgium. Each wore a blue poncho and added Mentos mints to a bottle of Diet Coke for a simultaneous explosion! A new world record was set.

2World record for largest number of people dressed as Smurfs

The city of Swansea was turned blue as a group of 2,510 people, the majority of whom were students from the local university, crammed into the Oceana nightclub to almost double the previous record.The event was organized by UK fancy dress costume seller Jokers' Masquerade and was not verified until every “Smurf” was checked to make sure no natural skin was showing.

3World record for collective kissing

Presumably before the onset of swine flu in the country, Mexico went lip-locking mad to break the record for the highest number of simultaneous kisses, as an answer to the country's recent drug wars that have left tens of thousands of victims dead or beaten. Almost 40,000 people were involved in the kiss, making it quite a success by any measure -including the Guinness Book. The event also provided free education on preventing AIDs and maintaining a violence free relationship.

Carlos Martinez of Guinness World Records verified the record of 39,897 people who entered the gated kissing area of the city's Zocalo main square on Valentine's Day. Isn't love just lovely?

4World record for the largest gathering of people wearing underpants

Cosmo set a new Guinness World Record® for the largest gathering of men wearing nothing but their pants - and at the same time raised loads of money for Everyman, the male cancer charity. The famous magazine got 146 men to pose in their pants at Twickenham Stoop, home to the Harlequins Rugby Club, smashing the previous record of 116. The stunt was all in aid of the Everyman campaign, to help raise awareness of, and vital funds for, testicular and prostate cancer.

5World record for the largest mass arm wrestling contest

Over 200 people in London wrestled their way in to the Guinness World Record book for the largest mass arm wrestling contest.

6World record for the most people inside a soap bubble

Dr Robyn Wheldon-Williams and his scientists successfully attempted the World record for the largest number of people enclosed in a bubble: 59 children, all over 5 foot at Venue Cymru, North Wales, UK. The bubble was made using a mixture of warm water, washing up liquid, glycerol and a secret ingredient.

7World record for the largest mattress dominoes

This new unique world record for the largest mattress dominoes is still on the cards after staff at a furniture warehouse made a video of themselves playing mattress dominoes. The game sees dominoes substituted with mattresses and the addition of some willing participants. Staff at Bensons for Beds in Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, set up a whopping 41 mattresses across their warehouse, with a person standing behind each one. The van doors close and the newly assembled bed and its occupants are driven off.

NOTE: This record has been broken. The Weekend Today team from Australia have officially made their way into the record books! The craze started with bored students lining up people and mattresses and knocking them down one by one. They didn't just break it, they smashed it... 80 people not afraid to risk life and limb... (thanks, Natalie Davis)

8World record for the largest gathering of people dressed as Waldo

At New Brunswick, N.J. 1,052 Rutgers students dressed (in red and white shirts and caps) as Waldo from the children's book series “Where's Waldo?” broke the record for the Largest Gathering of People Dressed as Waldo. The group was almost twice the size of the crowd of 577 that previously held the record.

9World record for the largest bride parade

Dozens of women sporting full bridal regalia took part in a parade in Bucharest, to promote the institution of marriage in Romanian society-setting a new world record category for the Largest Bride Parade.

Organizers of the "Bride Parade" said they intend to promote marriage as a way of maintaining traditional family values in this Orthodox country. The atmosphere was celebratory as dozens of women dressed in various white dresses, veils and tiaras marched to the sounds of trumpeters playing wedding songs. Around 100 brides took part in the event.

Here is a nice way of scaring a man with commitment issues.

10World record for the Largest group shower

To promote its latest product for men, Pert Plus teamed up with Six Flags Great America and organized an event during which 150 strangers in swim suits showered together in the world's largest shower (a 40,000-square-foot structure)-setting the world record for the Largest group shower. A 40,000-square-foot structure with 40 shower nozzles was custom-built for the record-breaking attempt.

11World record for the largest gathering of Santa Clauses

Despite cold weather and drizzling rain, over 14,200 people dressed as Santa Clauses paraded in Portugal's city of Porto, raising money for charity and setting the world record for the Largest Gathering Of Santa Clauses. Every Santa, or Pai Natal (Father Christmas) as he is known in Portugal, who took part in the parade donated 1 euro to buy presents for the needy children in Porto, Portugal's second-largest city.

12World record for the Largest Gathering of ABBA Impersonators

Over 150 ABBA fans from across Europe dusted off their flares, and sang their way through a rousing rendition of Waterloo in London's Leicester Square-setting the world record for the Largest Gathering of ABBA Impersonators during an event organized by Betfair.