15 Most Idiotic Tattoos

Female Jesus. WTF?

A Unicorn and a Dolphin? No comments…

God help this guy if he ever has to lean over, wearing a tee shirt in airport security, get a check up at the doctors, or take of his shirt at any point ever. In the scale of bad tattoos, this one is up there. Talk about a bad idea.

How the hell is getting a tattoo of a piece of video game hardware representative of how much you like video games? Hey, I really like PC games, maybe I'll get a goddamn keyboard tattooed on my forehead.

Ok, tattoos where the belly button serves as an ass or some other body opening are not uncommon, but this is definitely a disturbing cat.

Extreme lifting

Big tattooed stupid Kimberly Vlaminck had previously said she 'fell asleep' in a tattooist's chair and then mistakenly received 56 tattoos instead of the original 3 she wanted later admitted she lied. She in fact asked for the 56 stars on her face. She fibbed to escape the wrath of her father. We're not sure what made her look dumber, the lie she gave to the world, or the lame stars on her face.

A fun game that this chick should play is finding out how many guys are going to see this cruel homage to Pac-Man and not run for the hills.

Is he trying to suggest: "ride me, baby"?

She was born with 4 toes and a sense of humor

Hobosteve wanted to know if he measured up… As it turns out, for better or worse, he's about three inches short of the end of his ruler (in guy-speak, that means he's 10?)…

Some men still haven't evolved from the monkey...

This woman was paid $10,000 to get this tattoo on her head. She said she did it so she could put her kids through school. She was obviously too dumb to go to school herself because $10,000 wouldn't even buy you an associate degree!

This guy probably like getting into fights for no reason...

Tattoo Freak + Doll Obsession = Tattooed Doll Legs.